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Benefits of adding greens into your interior space and ways to integrate and maintain vertical gardens in your limited interior area.

Benefits of adding greens into your interior space and ways to integrate and maintain vertical gardens in your limited interior area.

vertical gardens in your limited interior area.

Bringing plants and greens to the interior of the home is synonymous with living close to nature in many ways. Plants help to enhance the overall aesthetics of the space as well as they certainly can boost the positivity of the inhabitants. Recent studies show interior plants and vegetation helps to control temperature and improve air filtration up to an extent.

However, due to limited space and a lack of understanding about the maintenance of plants, people tend to restrain the idea of developing gardens. But if you want to bring some greenery into your congested living/ working space, but can’t afford a traditional garden, the concept of vertical gardening comes to the rescue.

Vertical gardens, also known as living walls, are now easier than ever to create with modular planting systems that require limited space and minimal assembly. It helps to add a splash of color to your interior space by turning a wall or an area of the wall into a vertical garden.

Vertical gardens can be created by assembling easily maintainable vibrant plants in various patterns. Different types of houseplants such as Syngonium, rhoeo plant, spider plant, pothos, ferns, etc. work well in a vertical space. And it is always better to choose plants with similar requirements to make maintenance easier. Also, the medium for growing plants should be light. This is to avoid sagging and falling off of the setup in the future when the vegetation reaches its maximum growth.

Apart from their aesthetic purposes, vertical gardens are used as partitions, statement walls, etc. From low-budget to high-end vertical gardens are available in the market these days.

Delight International Facilities Management is based in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and Offer Gardening & Landscaping services for commercial and residential. 

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