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Get the Flooring of your dreams with our Professional Service in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

    Good flooring is what it takes to enhance the aesthetics of any room. Book yours with Delight International Facilities Management!

    No space looks its best when the flooring is left unattended and due to poor maintenance. One of the best ways to get those perfect shiny floors is to have professional flooring and tiling services do the job. Apart from saving you time and money, they have the right experience and knowledge to handle all flooring works efficiently and effectively. And this will make sure you will be able to enjoy your floors for years to come.

    Whether you are looking to install new hardwood floors or refurbish your current ones, you can’t go wrong with our crew of professionals at Delight International Facilities Management. We specialize in a variety of flooring and tiling services. It includes installation, restoration, and refinishing. From hardwood flooring to tile and carpet, we can do it all, so you’re sure to find the perfect option for your home or business. Our team has the experience and knowledge to ensure that your floors are installed correctly and look amazing.

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    Benefits of professional tiling service


    When you hire a professional flooring company, they not only do the job but also will advise you on the best flooring products to buy according to the purpose of the floor and your budget.

    They have the right tools

    Professional flooring companies have the right tools and equipment needed to install or repair your floor. This helps to make the work easier and faster. They will also assure that your floor is installed correctly and evenly.

    Extensive range of services.

    Professional flooring companies offer a wide range of services. They can help you install new floors or repair your existing floors. They can also help you refinish your floors and add a new coat of paint. They can also help you clean your floors and remove any dirt or stains.

    Why Trust DIFM?

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    At Delight International Facilities Management, we pride ourselves on providing the best flooring and tiling service in the UAE since 1989. Our team has the right experience and expertise to perform any tiling service with perfection. We are fully insured and licensed, and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our work.

    Signs that you require professional tiling services.

    Regular cleaning doesn't help.

    No matter how often you clean your floors they never become clean and shiny! This is a major sign that you should hire professionals to look over. Because the build-up of dirt and grime makes it difficult to clean. A professional flooring company will have the right solution to solve this issue.

    Wear and tear

    Cracks and chips indicate bad maintenance of the floor. Over time, they start to appear and go beyond repair when left unnoticed for a long time. In this case, it is crucial to immediately consult professionals for help

    The floor loses its lustre.

    A dull and scraped floor is another sign that you should hire professionals to bring back the lost glory of your floor. They will be able to remove the dirt and grime that has accumulated over time.

    Common Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are a few frequently asked questions related to professional flooring services.

    Some common flooring works include hardwood flooring, floor lamination, tiling, vinyl flooring, carpeting, and more.

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    Have the finest professionals in the UAE take care of your needs.

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