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Interior Partition Gypsum Glass

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    Delight International Facilities Management (DIFM) has an efficient staff that provides services in building cost-effective Gypsum and Glass Partition Walls. We provide effective services in building Gypsum and Glass Partition Walls with a very high standard and quality and provide a guaranteed powerful performance along with great durability.

    The staff at DIFM is well versed with the construction of Gypsum and Glass Partition Walls and ensures complete efficiency as well as dedication in providing the best of services. We at DIFM also ensure safe delivery, taking care of every safety and precautionary measure and help various businesses in enhancing the ambiance of commercial establishments.

    The staff at DIFM has a penchant in delivering eye-catching trends and designs in the construction of a Partition wall and has incorporated elements suiting the interests as well as demands of clients. This has made Delight International Facilities Management (DIFM) one of the top class agencies for the construction of Gypsum and Glass Partition Wall.

    In modern-day constructions and establishments, the setting up of a Partition Wall is extremely beneficial for giving the building an exquisite as well as giving it a grander outlook. Therefore, it is quite important that one consults an established agency that gives a detailed overview regarding the construction of Gypsum and Glass Partition Walls.


    A partition wall is generally composed of vertical studs that are connected to horizontal plates. These plates are fastened to the floor and ceiling, whereas the bottom plate is fastened to a part of the wooden subfloor.

    The steps that are initiated for building a Partition Wall are as follows

    1. Cutting & Marking the Plates
    2. Installing the Plates
    3. Installation of Studs
    4. Finishing Walls
    5. Installation of Pre-hung Doors
    6. Installation of Trim

    Generally, Gypsum and Glass Interiors are generally used for building as partition wall as it has better fire resistance and sound isolation properties. Also, installation of Gypsum and Glass is considerably much easier compared to other types of Walls and is done at much lower cost and has a temporary partition.

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