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Interior Partition Gypsum Glass

    Enhance interiors and transform your space with flexible interior partitioning services by Delight International Facilities Management.

    The demand for flexible and adaptable spaces has been on the rise in recent years. Interior partitions play a significant role in catering to this demand by creating functional and aesthetic areas within larger spaces. Whether it’s for residential or commercial purposes, interior partitions offer several benefits, such as enhancing privacy, better organization, improved visual appeal, etc.

    Delight International Facilities Management offers versatile interior partition services in the UAE. To create a modern office layout, divide a retail space, add privacy to a residential area, etc., we have the right solution that blends functionality and aesthetics to transform interiors into well-organized and visually appealing environments.

    Types of interior partitions we offer.

    Glass partition. 

    Glass partitions are one of the major partition choices demanded by customers. It allows natural light to flow through and maintains an ambience of open space even after partition. Glass partitions are ideal for both residential and business spaces to maintain aesthetics and functionality.

    Wood partition.

    To add privacy and a bold statement of character, wood partitions are perfect. They are highly customizable and offer a wide variety of options to choose from.

    Sliding partition.

    To adapt according to the purpose and environment, sliding partitions are ideal for commercial and residential spaces. It can be easily moved and set up to open or close the area.

    Modular partitions.

    Modular partitions are versatile and perfect for offices that demand privacy as well as adaptability. To accommodate the changing requirements and keep up with the operation of the space, modular partitions can be rearranged accordingly.

    Delight interior partition

    Signs that you need professional interior partition service

    Lack of privacy

    Privacy is crucial for both business and residential properties. Adding the required separateness without affecting the functionality is what is important. In such cases, professional service providers can help find the best solution.

    Lack of functionality

    If your space is not utilized properly or is disorganised, professionals can help you transform it by optimising the space usage and, hence, enhancing the workflow and functionality.

    Noise reduction

    Improper flow of noise can cause distractions and nuisance to others. But installing noise-absorbing partitions can help create a quieter and calmer work environment, which leads to increased productivity among employees.

    Improve the aesthetics

    To give your space a fresh look or simply enhance its appearance, installing stylish and well-designed partitions can help. That helps to add a touch of modernity as well as improve the visual appeal.

    Why trust DIFM?


    Delight International Facilities Management has been providing reliable and efficient interior partitioning services all over the UAE. With an unparalleled service record and a trusted clientele base, we have been providing partition services to both residential and commercial properties since 1989.

    Benefits of Interior Partition Service

    Material that suits the purpose

    When you hire professionals for interior partitioning, they have the experience and expertise to choose the materials that best suit the purpose. Whether it's wood, glass, metal, or gypsum, each material has its qualities and diverse uses.

    Expert installation

    Professionals have the expertise to handle projects of any size and aspect. This includes proper material selection, installation, alignment, and perfect finishing.

    Structural considerations.

    Structural considerations such as load bearing, fire resistance, noise reduction, etc. come into play depending on the purposes and the intended requirements of the partition. This can be best assessed and employed by professionals.

    Better lighting

    Allowing natural light into the building is one of the key reasons people choose to partition using various transparent or translucent materials. This promotes a welcoming and positive environment.

    Common Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are a few frequently asked questions related to interior partition service

    We offer an initial consultation to discuss the requirements and preferences of the customer. Our designer will create a design that best suits your needs. After that, material selection is done according to the given requirements. Once the material is sourced, our experienced team will ensure proper installation of the partition, guaranteeing a seamless result.

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