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Book your marble floor crystallization services in the UAE with DIFM today!

    Floor crystallization services in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

    Is dull and worn-out marble floor bringing down the beauty of your space? Not anymore with Delight International Facilities Management!

    Marble, the timeless and elegant natural stone that has been widely used in architecture for centuries, is still a popular choice for both residential and commercial spaces due to its high durability and undeniable refinement. But maintaining the beauty and shine of marble is a hard job especially if placed in heavy foot traffic areas. One of the most effective and efficient methods to improve the appearance and longevity of marble is marble floor crystallization.

    Delight International Facilities Management has been providing the most reliable floor crystallization service in the UAE for the past three decades. Our team of experienced professionals will properly assess your floor before the service to find out the best method of treatment. This will ensure your floor is restored and will last for years to come.

    floor crystallization

    Signs that you need to consider marble floor crystallization service.

    Dullness of floor

    The smoothness and shine of marble floors lose over time due to high foot traffic, stains, chemical cleaning products, etc. But the lost shine can be regained with floor crystallization service.

    Uneven surface

    Due to wear and tear, the surface of marble floors becomes uneven. But the floor can be levelled and restored to its original finish with the help of this service.

    Severe scratches

    Heavy traffic, aggressive cleaning agents and techniques, and sharp objects can cause scratches on marble floors. It affects the appearance of the floor as well as the safety of the pedestrians. Crystallization of the floor helps to diminish the appearance of scratches and etchings.

    Why trust DIFM?

    Delight International Facilities Management is a trusted and reputable provider of floor crystallization services. When you trust us for the service, you can be confident that your valuable property is in the safe hands of a team of experts who exhibit the utmost professionalism and commitment to every project they undertake.

    • We are equipped with the necessary skills and extensive experience in the field.

    • We offer timely service and punctuality

    • Prioritize customer satisfaction and ensure their requirements are met without fail.

    Benefits of floor crystallization service.

    Restore its lustre.

    Through the chemical methods involved in the process, this service helps to restore the shine and lustre of marble and eliminate scratches, unevenness, and dullness. This enhances its overall appearance.

    Easy maintenance

    One of the most significant advantages of this service is the easy maintenance of the floor it guarantees. Once the process is done, the protective layer formed above the surface prevents the penetration of dirt and grime through it. So you do not have to spend hours cleaning the floor to get the shine.

    Longevity of marble floors

    With this treatment, a protective layer of crystalline is formed above the surface. This layer acts as a shield to prevent damage and thus improves the lifespan of the marble and lessens the need for repairs as well.

    Slip resistance

    This service is not just to improve the appearance, but also to improve slip resistance. This is especially beneficial for commercial properties where foot traffic is high.

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    This service has several benefits such as it improves the shine and beauty of floors without damaging them. The crystal layer formed above the surface will act as a protective layer to resist stains, and scratches and even make the floor slip resistance.

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