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Bespoke Security Solutions


    Best in class security solutions

    Protecting your business requires multi-faceted security solutions;

    Kingdom Security delivers world-class security outcomes for our clients across all industry sectors. Our core security service offer has evolved to counter current and emerging security threats.

    Your Delight Security Service Options

    We understand your business is different

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    One size does not fit all. Security solutions must add value, be an enabler for growth and positively contribute to your wider business strategy.

    Kingdom’s subject matter experts bring a new, fresh approach to security management. We don’t just concentrate on your perimeter, we assess your entire organisation and consider all threat vectors including;

    Here's how we'll protect you:

    • Analyse & Identify

      A full risk assessment identifying the threats and assessing your risk exposures.

    • Implement

      A tailored solution based on your risk and budget appetite.

    • Monitor & Maintain

      Our proactive, vigilant and intelligence lead approach ensures we stay ahead of the curve. We give our clients peace of mind that their assets are best protected from harm or compromise

    Why are Delightifm best-in-class?


    Accredited in the top 0.5% of audited Associated Contractors (ACS) and hold a Trustpilot score of 30% higher than the industry average.


    Along with benefits such as simple fees, no hidden charges and transparent hourly rates, we’ll also create a bespoke plan to help identify savings, efficiencies and to optimise service and value beyond price.


    Considered to be thought leaders and security subject matter experts, with a high colleague retention rate of 97% versus an industry average of 85%. Proud to have a diverse workforce from 76 different countries.


    Using the latest equipment with technology developed in-house and our expertise, you can reduce or even mitigate risks like never before through better deterrence and detection of crime. This includes our Crime Risk Rating Tool which gives you confidence your strategy matches your threat level with insightful reporting and evidence of your security’s capabilities.

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    Security solutions refer to a set of tools, practices, and measures designed to protect an organization's digital assets, data, and physical resources from various threats, including cyberattacks, theft, vandalism, and more.

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