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Why should you consider Delight International Facilities Management for a Property Inspection before moving in?

Who made the damages and who should pay??
Avoid these tedious and detrimental blame games while moving out through Property Inspection.


What could be more exciting and fulfilling than moving into a new home and setting up a comfy environment to live in according to your plans? It’s a package of joy, newness, and responsibility. However, this experience can be short-lived if you are not careful while taking over.

Untrained eyes usually get fascinated by the staged, near-perfect setup of the space and overlook the importance of getting into the details that need to be inspected closely. It is always important to know the actual condition of the entire property to reduce the number of surprises that pop up in the future as well as to not put the inhabitants’ lives at stake.

Moreover, failing to produce enough proof for new or pre-existing damages while moving out makes the process ridiculously demanding. Delight International Facilities Management offers a well-oriented Property Inspection by a team of expert and experienced professionals. It saves you from unnecessary troubles and money loss in the future.

Why should you consider Delight International Facilities Management for a Property Inspection before moving in?

Hiring Delight International Facilities Management for a property inspection before moving in is a great idea even on a newly constructed home, let alone older ones. A newly constructed / visually pleasing home is expected to be perfect and adequate, right? Not always!! Just because it is newly built or well maintained doesn’t necessarily mean it is perfect. The plumbing could have hazardous issues, electrical fixtures and wires might not be working properly, carelessly installed cupboards, drainage issues, and so forth.

The chances of having trouble with settling the depository amount are somewhat predictable while moving out. Delight International Facilities Management documents the entire procedure and develops a detailed report of the inspection. Also, we secure high-quality photo and video proofs before moving in to avoid these complications.

What do our Property Inspectors do?

Property inspections are carried out by our team of skilled professionals. They inspect the entire property and identify latent and patent defects based on the checklist prepared before the inspection to not miss any aspects.

Patent defects such as peeling paints, broken windows, broken toilet seat covers, mould, signs of water damage, etc. could be identified easily. But the issues that are hidden from plain sight such as leaking roofs, electrical wiring and plumbing issues, cracked foundation, improper installation of structural elements and electrical fixtures, etc. can be identified only by a professional inspector.

The entire HVAC system of the home, internal plumbing, electrical systems, structural components, attics, floors, roofs, ceilings, walls, basements, garage, foundations, etc. would be thoroughly inspected during the home inspection.

After the inspection is carried out, our team will give a detailed report of the survey including photographs and videos as proof. This report will help the tenant to get the repairs done before moving in. At the end of tenancy, this report is beneficial for both the tenant and the owner to avoid inconveniences regarding damages and defects and in settling the depositary amount.

Also, at the end of the tenancy, if the landlord asks the tenant to be liable for the damages made, the tenant can either get the repairs done or the landlord can make the deduction from the depositary amount. If there are concerns regarding the liability of the damages made, the inspection report would prevail as a solid confirmation of the condition of the property

When to conduct a Property Inspection?

It is preferable for the owner and the tenant to carry out property inspections at the beginning of a tenancy, and the end of a tenancy.

  • To have better clarity about the condition of the property, it is highly recommended to inspect at the beginning of a tenancy. Also, prevention of damages from happening is better than fixing them and it saves a lot of money. So conducting inspections helps to identify potential damages and keep the property in great disposition.
  • When the tenancy period ends, having an inspection report helps to settle any subsequent dispute that could occur regarding the pre-existing damage as well as damage caused during the tenancy.

Keeping these factors in mind about Property Inspection will help you make your move-in easy and hassle-free. Delight International Facilities Management offers the most credible Property Inspection Services to our customers. And our services are available all across the UAE.

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