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Everything you need to know about growing a balcony garden in UAE without splurging and killing the plants eventually.

Adding some green to your home will definitely perk up the charm of the space and bring a huge amount of contentment to the residents. There are certain aspects you should keep in your mind before jumping into accomplishing the dream of setting up a balcony garden in a hot and humid country like the UAE.

Find your space.
When creating a space for plants on the balcony, the first thing you have to prioritize should be the availability of sunlight. Also, choosing the size of plants that can be contained in the available space is crucial too.

Shop local.
Visit your local plant shops not just to buy plants but also to determine what all plants can be grown in the climate of your region. In a nutshell, you can grow plants other than cacti in the UAE if proper explorations are done before buying them.

A test run.
Start with plants such as cactus, aloe vera, sansevieria, adenium, spider plants, areca, etc. which require limited care and maintenance to make sure you are doing good as a plant parent.

Right potting mixture.
No matter whether you are living in a desert area or the seaside, you can always get your hands on good potting mixtures. It helps to grow plants even in severe weather conditions.

Proper watering and drainage.
Overwatering and underwatering can kill plants. So it is always ideal to water plants according to their requirements. Drainage of planters is equally important as watering and sunlight. So, always make sure all the planters are provided with proper drainage.

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