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Swimming Pool Maintenance Abu Dhabi & Dubai


    If you are in the UAE and are looking for a reliable and experienced Swimming pool maintenance service provider, Delight International Facilities Management is the ideal choice.

    Having a swimming pool in the backyard is something to be proud of. But people hardly know how to keep them clean and well-maintained. If you are someone in such a dilemma, you should definitely consider professional swimming pool maintenance and for that, you have come to the right place!

    1. Expert Tools and Materials:

      • Our professional swimming pool maintenance services prioritize the use of specialized tools and cleaning materials.
      • Ensuring the job is done right, we employ industry-specific equipment for effective cleaning and maintenance.
    2. Comprehensive Weekly Services:

      • We provide weekly pool cleaning services to keep your pool in optimal condition.
      • Our offerings extend to filter cleaning and replacement, addressing essential components for a well-maintained pool.
    3. Chemical Balancing Expertise:

      • Our team excels in chemical balancing, ensuring the proper composition of chemicals for water clarity and safety.
      • Regular checks and adjustments are performed to maintain the ideal chemical balance in your pool.
    4. Pool Repairs and Maintenance:

      • In addition to routine cleaning, we specialize in prompt and efficient pool repairs to address any issues.
      • Our maintenance services go beyond surface cleaning, ensuring the structural integrity and functionality of your pool.
    5. Diverse Services:

      • Beyond routine maintenance, we offer additional services such as pool inspection and safety checks.
      • For those considering a new pool, our expertise extends to professional new pool installations.

    By choosing our services, you benefit from a comprehensive approach to swimming pool care, encompassing regular maintenance, specialized repairs, and additional services to enhance your pool experience.

    Swimming Pool Maintenance

    Signs that you need professional swimming pool maintenance service.

    Your pool is cloudy

    If your pool is cloudy, it means that the water is not circulating properly. This can lead to the growth of algae and bacteria and it's a sign that the water is not being filtered properly.

    Your pool has a strong chlorine smell

    If your pool has a strong chlorine smell, it means that the chlorine levels are too high. This can
    be dangerous for swimmers.

    The pool pump is not working properly

    If the pool pump is not working properly, it can mean the filter is dirty, the valve is jammed, etc. In that case, you immediately need a professional swimming pool maintenance service.

    You see debris in your pool.

    If you see debris in your pool, it means that the pool is not being cleaned properly. And it can surely lead to health issues for the swimmers.

    Why Trust DIFM for Swimming Pool Maintenance ?

    Delight International Facilities Management has been providing quality swimming pool maintenance services to clients in the UAE for over 30 years. We are a fully insured, licensed and bonded company and our team consists of certified and highly trained technicians in all aspects of swimming pool maintenance and repairs. We use the latest equipment and products to ensure your pool is always clean and safe for swimming.

    Benefits of professional swimming pool maintenance.

    Improved water quality

    To have better water quality and thus by making it healthier for swimmers, it is important to have
    your pool professionally cleaned.


    A clean pool can drastically enhance the aesthetics of your property. When you hire professionals for swimming pool maintenance you can be sure your pool will be best-taken care of.

    Save money in the long run

    If your pool is not properly taken care of you will end up spending an unnecessary amount of
    money in the long run for cleaning, replacing parts, and other repairs.

    Peace of mind

    When you know that your pool is being properly maintained, you will have peace of mind. This is
    because you won’t have to worry about cleaning and maintaining it.

    Common Questions
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are a few frequently asked questions related to professional swimming pool maintenance services.

    It is recommended to have your pool serviced at least once a week to keep it clean and prevent any potential problems.

    Have the finest professionals in the UAE take care of your needs.

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