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Ultimate Guide for Growing Healthy Indoor Plants in UAE

    What makes the interior of a home beautiful, cozy, and aesthetically pleasing? The answer is very simple. Thoughtfulness! Choosing the right color, shade, lighting, decor, etc. are the factors we need to focus more on rather than spending a fortune on aspects that can’t just pull the beauty of everything together pleasingly and comfortably.

    Plants are considered the most economical and crucial component of interior design and aesthetics. Because they are good for purifying the air and have a therapeutic capacity that can instantly brighten up any space. So we often add plants to interior spaces for this very purpose.

    Here are a few important things you should keep in mind before you buy indoor plants in a hot and humid country like Dubai.

    Availability of space.
    Plants such as Rubber plants, lady palms, fiddle leaf figs, etc. that grow more than 2 meters are an ideal choice if you have a considerable amount of space to spare for plants. But if you have small apartments or studios, it is always better to choose plants that wouldn’t take up much space. To save floor space, hanging plants are a good choice. Pothos, string of pearls, string of hearts, wandering jew, etc. can be grown this way.

    Availability of light.
    The nature of plants differs from one plant to another. So are their requirements. Before you buy indoor plants, observe the availability of sunlight in the house. If the availability of sunlight is steady for 4-6 hours daily(where you want to place the plants), you can grow Jade plants, Dumb cane, Cactus, etc. For low light, you can easily grow pothos, ZZ plants, Sansevieria (snake plant), Aglaonema, philodendron, peace Lily, etc.

    UAE’s weather is highly humid and hot. So you can grow humidity-loving plants such as Monsteras, ferns, spider plants, pennywort, English ivy, etc. These plants can also be kept inside the bathroom to perk up the space a bit. Cactus, philodendron Brazil, watermelon peperomia, etc. can be grown in low humidity. These plants can survive almost all kinds of conditions.

    Forgetful plant parents.
    If you are someone who travels a lot or almost forget you have plant babies at home, you should always choose plants wisely. Some plants thrive well even when they are left unattended without watering and in high humidity and hot weather. ZZ plant, snake plant, succulents, aloe vera, areca palm, etc. fall under this category.

    If proper care is given to plants individually, most of the plants can survive and get accustomed to the condition of your home very easily. But make sure these plants are loved and taken care of according to their needs.

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